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"During the Summer I have 5 days of football camp - non stop workouts leave me tired and sore just after a day or so.  I had Tim work on me weekly and I was able to train harder and perform my best injury free.  I feel due to my excelled performance was the reason I made the squad on my College football team in my freshman year." - Haeden H.


"Summertime in Colorado is full of triathlons, duathlons, road races, bike races etc.  I used Tim's services frequently to keep me injury free and ready to compete!" - Tom C.


"I love to run but found myself not being able to run daily due to knee pain.  Between weekly visits to my Chiropractor and massages from Tim I was able to get back on my daily running regimen! - Paula D. 


"As a yoga instructor, I work my body to it's limits daily. I trust Tim's expertise to treat any injuries or tightness. He has great intuition that always locates my trouble spots - working at the root of the problem and not just where my discomfort manifests. Not only is his work thorough and effective, it is relaxing and renewing!"
                                                               - Meg B.  CorePower Yoga

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